Perfect your posture and total body toning. Design to develop core strength and coordination. Achieving fitness goals is about more than losing weight and toning your physique. It is about finding a good balance in life. We are here to help you achieve that balance.





Fitness Programs


KFG programs are custom-designed for corporate and organizational work sites. The Be Strong program begins with a comprehensive health risk assessment of the workforce which will help determine a workforce base-line health fitness profile. KFG has partnered with certified nurses, health and performance professionals to supervise all biometric screenings. Body composition and BMI. Cholesterol and full lipid panels. Vo2 max cardio-respiratory fitness risk.


Let’s Get Moving

More than 80% of our training clients say they’ve come to us after repeatedly failing to meet their goals at a traditional membership style gym.


Employee and Family

Employee and family health /well-being is seamless, therefore, Kentuckiana Fitness group (KFG) is committed to serving youth, adults and seniors citizens alike.

  • Employee health improvement
  • Athletic performance
  • Senior assisted living facilities




RA Health Risk Assessment 

The “Be Strong” program will reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

  • Comprehensive evaluation by a network of health and fitness professionals develop a plan.
  • Small group training with no cost gym membership
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Employee family members support program
  • CEO/ President champion component
  • Coordinated with employee health plan 

Employee Benefits Analysis

Assessment of  cardiorespiratory fitness: Designing cardio exercise programs.

  • Exercise prescription
  • Aerobic training methods and modes
  • Personalized exercise programs

Assessment of Muscular Fitness:

Designing resistance training program

  • Types of resistance training
  • Develop age appropriate programs
  • Measuring the impact of resistance training
  • Managing muscular soreness

Assessment of Body Composition

Designing weight management and body composition  programs. Obesity, overweight and underweight types and causes.

  • Weight management principles and practices of KFG
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Designs to improve body composition

Assessment of Flexibility

Designing programs for  flexibility and low back.

  • Stretching methods
  • Designs of flexibility and prescription
  • Low back care exercise programs

Assessment of energy intake and expenditure


  • Food record and RDA profile
  • Physical activity log
  • Sports and recreational energy

Make Your Way

We’re not here to set you up to fail, we’re here to help you succeed! Need to lose 20 pounds? 50 pounds? 100 pounds? Are you trying to get into the Special Forces? Maybe you just want to feel amazing and fit into that little black dress again.

If so, you’ll find everything you need to reach your goals at KFG.!